Waterford’s legendary refinishing services can bring back your glorious steed to virtually better than new condition. Waterford offers two levels of restoration:

  • Full Refinishing: This is our classic repaint service – typically for Waterfords, Gunnars and Schwinn Paramounts. The restoration is performed to change styling as well as to clean up chips, scratches and rust.
  • Technical Restorations: For collectors as well as anyone who cherishes their classic bike, we offer a more technical restoration including before and after photos as well as closer attention to preserving the original look.

Our Restoration Form walks you through the process and collects important information insuring the desired result. Once you fill it in on-line and save it to your computer, please email it to us or call to establish a return authorization number.

Our repainting services generally include the following in the base price:

  • Chemical stripping: Standard for metal frames, the chemical stripping will remove the existing rust and paint, preparing it for the new finish. This process preserves chrome plating and can reveal otherwise unaddressed structural issues.
  • Alignment for Waterford, Gunnar and Paramounts as well as most other steel frames.
  • Polyurethane prime coating.
  • High quality base auto paint and clear coats.
  • A wide range of available decals: Especially for Waterfords, Gunnars and Paramounts. Other decals may be available by special request. If powder coating is requested, decals are applied over the top of the final finish.
  • Clearcoat finish.
  • Optional Anti-Corrosion treatment: Protect the insides of tubing from the effects of road salt and other sources of rust.

For steel frames, we can make a number of repairs and alterations:

  • Removing and replacing bosses.
  • Rear dropout spacing adjustments.
  • In the case of Waterford built frames and US-built Schwinn Paramounts, we can replace a wide range of tubes.