With Waterford, you don’t choose your bike, you choose what you want in your dream bike and we deliver, using up-to-date design and flexible fabrication systems. We make it simple by using the four F’s of bike design:


How does the bike need to perform? Where will you ride? What components would you like to use? How much of a load will you want to carry?


How does your body need to interface with the bike? This typically begins with surveying your existing ride and taking skeletal measurements.


Here we provide the opportunity to fine tune your ride. How do you want your Waterford to handle? How stiff or compliant do you want your bike to feel?


How do you want your bike to look?

Our Order Form and Order Guide help you walk through the process. We recommend collaborating and ordering through your local Waterford dealer. A dealer provides many important services that lead to and result in a great bike and buying experience, including:

  • Fitting
  • Component Selection
  • Assembly
  • On-going Maintenance and Support

Working together, you end up with a terrific bike and a terrific experience.