Waterford Precision Cycles serves cycling enthusiasts with American designed and built bicycle frames and forks from Waterford,Wisconsin since 1993.


We have continued the tradition of brazing steel frames but have also adapted to new technologies and needs of the each type of cyclist.


What do you want to ride?


Waterford’s legendary refinishing services can bring back your glorious steed to virtually better than new condition. Waterford offers two levels of restoration:

  • Full Refinishing: This is our classic repaint service – typically for Waterfords, Gunnars and Schwinn Paramounts. The restoration is performed to change styling as well as to clean up chips, scratches and rust.
  • Technical Restorations: For collectors as well as anyone who cherishes their classic bike, we offer a more technical restoration including before and after photos as well as closer attention to preserving the original look.